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John T. Hentz and George D. Wehner formed R/W SPECIALISTS, INC. in 1996. Mr. Hentz and Mr. Wehner worked for the Ohio Department of Transportation for many years. Mr. Wehner also worked for the Ohio Rail Development Commission as an appraiser and a rehabilitation inspector.

Mr. Hentz is designated by the American Society in Real Property as a Senior Member in Real Property. Mr. Wehner is designated by the American Society in Real Property as a Senior Member in Machinery and Technical Specialties. Messrs. Hentz and Wehner are licensed by the State of Ohio as Certified General Real Estate Appraisers. Mr. Wehner is a member of International Right of Way Association. Right R/W Specialists, Inc. is fully insured.

R/W Specialists, Inc. appraises properties involved in eminent domain proceeding. We also specialize in the appraisal of railroads. Reasons for railroad appraisals may be Railroad Rehabilitation and Infrastructure Fund (RRIF) loans, donations, abandonment's, purchases or sales, insurance and eminent domain actions. We appraise land, buildings, fixtures, track and rolling stock. Our clients include Class 1 Railroads, Regional and Shortline Railroads, Port Authorities, Rails to Trails, and governmental agencies.

Mr. Wehner consults on rehabilitation projects, pre-bid, bid and post-bid. We can assist in the preparation of bid documents and inspection throughout construction.
Mr. Wehner is a member of the American Shortline and Regional Railroad Association, The National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association, Inc., The National Railway Historical Society, and the Railway Tie Association.

We maintain a small permanent staff, but have a qualified staff of part time employees to assist when needed on our larger projects. Every effort is made to keep our overhead under control, so that we may pass the saving on to our clients.


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