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John T. Hentz George D. Wehner

B.S., Business Administration, The Ohio State University, June, 1951

American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers Courses:

Course I (Basic Appraisal), II (Appraisal Problems), IV (Condemnation), VIII (Residential), IX (Adm.and Review), Standards of Professional Practice

Ohio Department of Transportation, Real Estate Administration:

Basic Real Estate, Real Estate Appraisal, Plan Reading, Relocation Assistance, Title and Closing

Numerous Real Estate Continuing Education Courses Including:

2004 USPAP update and Instructors Course; and "Regression Analysis"

Experience in Real Estate Profession:

Sales and Brokerage:

1956 - 1961 M. A. Bates and Son, Realtors, Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Office Manager and Salesman

1961 - 1968 Real Estate Broker, Reynoldsburg, Ohio


1968 - 1986 Ohio Department of Transportation, Columbus, Ohio
     Central Office Reviewer, attached to District Offices,     then Regional Offices: Served at Districts 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, and Regions Northeast and Southwest.
     1975 assigned to Central Office, Machinery & Equipment Section
     Duties included appraisal of outdoor advertising devices and review and appraisal of railroad properties. During this period, appraised a number of Penn Central and Conrail properties for abandonment.
     1980+/- promoted to Appraisal Supervisor. Duties included review of consultant R/W Plans and assist Regions with setting of fee schedules.

     1986 - present: Independent Fee Appraiser
     Representative highway projects, appraisal services provided:
     1987      Mot. Moses Blvd.            (for LPA)
     1987      Luc. 280 - 4.39
     1987      Sci. Young St.                  (for LPA)
     1988      Ric. 42 - 6.01
     1988      Tru. 45 - 2.38
     1988      Bel. 7 - 15.66                   Railroad Parcels
     1990      Ric. 13 - 15.81
     1990      Fra. 670                           Railroad Properties
     1990      Fra./Lic. 16                      Various parcels
     1991      Woo 75/795                    Numerous parcels
     1992      Wooster - Sewer Project (for LPA)
     1993      Lor. 611 - 8.62                Prepare for trial
     1993      Lor. 83 - 15.55                Prepare for trial
     1994      All. CR 93                       (for LPA)
     1993      Fra. 161 - 16.72              Contract reviewer
     1994/95 Luc. Greenbelt                 Numerous parcels
     1994      Law. 243/378                  Prepare for trial
     1993      Pik. 32 - 16.05                Numerous parcels
     1994/95 Luc. Millard                     Various parcels
     1991-97 Ath. 50 - 3 sections         About 50 appraisals
     1995      Mot. 49 - 0.00                Numerous parcels
     1997      Cli. 22 - 15.897               Various parcels
     1998      Was. 7 - 23.00                Various parcels
                                                           Par. 20 to trial
     1998      Jef. 43 - 23.751               Numerous parcels
     1999      Eri. 60 - 3.100                 Numerous parcels
     In addition to these highway projects, appraised various abandoned railroad corridors for various park districts, and for the Ohio Rail Commission.
     I have appeared as expert witness in condemnation cases in Lucas, Allen, Franklin, Richland, Lawrence, Athens, and Washington Counties. Also have made appraisals in preparation for litigation, where the cases were settled, based on my appraisal, prior to going to trial.


     1971-74 ODOT Appraisal Bureau Training Supervisor

     1976 - present
           Columbus State Community College, Columbus, OH
           Instructor, Real Estate: Principles and Practices, Special Topics, Brokerage, Appraisal, Income Property Appraisal, USPAP course

Membership and Licenses:

American Society of Appraisers ASA (Senior Member)

Columbus Chapter Vice-President, 1995; President, 1996, Secretary, 1997, 1998

National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers - IFAS (Senior Member)

Real Estate Educators Association

Licenses Real Estate Broker, State of Ohio

Certified General Appraiser, State of Ohio #379709

Appraisal Foundation Certified USPAP Instructor #10691

In 1973, I joined the Ohio Department of Transportation, Real Estate Administration, Bureau of Appraisals.  This was at the height of the Interstate Highway Program.  My responsibilities were the Eminent Domain appraisals of machinery, equipment and fixtures for industrial and commercial properties statewide, and railroad fixtures.

In 1986, I transferred to the Division of Rail Transportation (now the Ohio Rail Development Commission) in the position of rail inspector.  The division is responsible for the five state owned railroads, the rehabilitation of other short line and regional railroads and the construction of industrial spurs.

My designation was Rail Inspector 3, the highest designation granted by the State of Ohio.  Responsibilities include rail inspections of rehabilitation projects, safety inspections on state owned railroads and bridges, project management of rehabilitation projects and new construction, project cost estimates, pre and post construction inspection and appraisal of track and fixtures. In January of 1997, I began full time private appraisal practice and formed a new corporation, R/W Specialists, with John T. Hentz.

Successfully completed federally sponsored courses:

Appraisal Review on Federal Aid Highways and Related programs - 34 hours

Appraisals Under Eminent Domain for Federal Highways and Other Related Programs

Junkyard and Outdoor Advertising Control & Acquisition - 28 hours

Transportation Safety Institute, Railroad Track & Structures Fundamental Course - 5.5 continuing education units.

Ohio Department of Transportation Courses: 

     Appraisal 101 - 120 hours

    Title and Closing Procedures 301 - 16 hours

    Acquisition 201 - 50 hours.                                                           

            Ohio Association of Realtors Courses

                 The Basics of Appraisal - 15 Pre-Certification Credits

                 Real Estate Analysis- 15 Pre-Certification Credits

                 The Sales Comparison Approach - 15 Pre-Certification Credits

                 Cost & Income Approaches/Valuation of Partial Interests - 15 Pre-Certification Credits

                 Appraisal Standards & Ethics - 15 Pre-Certification Credits

                 Appraising the Tough Ones - Complex Appraisal Assignments - 15 Pre-Certification Credits

                 Income Capitalization - 15 CE Hours

                Attacking and Defending an Appraisal in Litigation 14 CE Hours

                 How to Appraise, Buy, and Sell a Business 14 CE Hours

                Predatory Lending Practices – 14 CE Hours

        Columbus State Community College Courses 

             Income Property Appraisal - 30 Pre-Certification Credits

             Introduction to Excel for Windows

             Introduction to Ami Pro

             Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice       (USPAP)

              National USPAP Update Equilvalent-2005

        American Society of Appraisers Courses

            Appraisal of Historic Properties

            Appraisal Report Writing

        International Right of Way Association Courses

            Easement Valuation

            Tree Identification and Valuation

Mc Kissock Data Systems

Regression Analysis - The Appraisal Approach of the Future

The Appraiser as Expert Witness

Real Estate Fraud & the Appraiser’s Role

Information Technology and the Appraiser

National USPAP Update Equilvalent-2003

Does My Report Comply with USPAP


         Railroading for Non-Railroaders '95 - Railroad Financial Corporation

         Principles of Railroad Credit Analysis - Railroad Financial Corporation

         1995 Crosstie Seminar - Railway Tie Association

         Second Conference on Regional Railroads (Nov. 19-21, 1995) RR Financial Corp.

         1996 National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Seminar, Coral Gables, Fla.

         The American Short Line Railroad Assoc. - 1996 Eastern Regional Meeting, Richmond, VA

         The American Short Line Railroad Assoc. - 1996 Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.

         The American Short Line Railroad Assoc. - 1997 Eastern Regional Meeting, Burlington, VT

         The American Short Line Railroad Assoc. - 1997 Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX

         The American Short Line Railroad Assoc. - 1998 Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA

         The American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association - 1999 Eastern Regional Meeting - Montreal, ON.

         The American Short Line & Regional Railroad Assoc. - 1999 Annual Meeting, New York, NY

         The American Short Line & Regional Railroad Assoc. -2000 Annual Meeting, Chicago, Ill

         The American Short Line & Regional Railroad
           Association - 2001 Eastern Regional Meeting -
           Providence, R.I.

        The American Short Line & Regional Railroad Assoc. -2002 Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida

         The American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association - 2002 Eastern Regional Meeting - Baltimore, MD

         The American Short Line & Regional Railroad Assoc. -2003 Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pa.

         The American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association – 2003 Eastern Regional Meeting – Cleveland, Ohio

          The American Short Line & Regional Railroad Assoc. -2004 Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Mo.

          The American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association – 2004 Eastern Regional Meeting – Jersey City, NJ

          The American Society of Appraisers, 2001 International Appraisal Conference, Delegate

         Burke-Parsons-Bowlby - Railroad Products Symposium, Dubois, Pa.

         Federal Railway Administration, Railroad Safety Seminar, Jan., 1997

         2005 National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Seminar, Miami, Fla. 


          American Railway Engineering & Maintenance of Way Association

           The American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association

          American Society of Appraisers, Senior Member, Past President, First Vice President, Assistant State Director, Columbus Chapter 9

          International Right of Way Association, Chairman Railroad Committee,

            Chapter 13         

          The National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association, Inc.

          The National Railway Historical Society

          Railway Tie Association

          Rails to Trails Conservancy


          State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser - Certificate No. 437462

              Licensed 10/19/98



4513 E. Dublin Granville Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43081-4800
Phone: 614-882-8198 | 740-852-7341
Fax: 614-882-9398